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The Infrastructure

Consisting of a full-fledged independent infrastructure; Kunal encompasses a flawless mix of safety and environmentfriendly devices for any and all specialty chemicals; with an ever-ready technical staff that ensures smooth and efficient performance, corporate safety and hygiene is also considered of Importance.

Kunal Organics believes in the idea that working environments should be integrated with conducive infrastructural dynamics to promote efficiency at work. Ergonomics and elegant aesthetics have been paid attention to, while designing our office spaces. They are very well equipped with modern technologies and updated software to execute work seamlessly.

The wings of Kunal Organics’ state-of-the-art infrastructure are spread across 12,000 sq. yard of plot area with 20,000 sq. ft. of constructed area. Endowed with the most trend-setting technical innovations and highly experienced labor staff, the company strives to achieve a balance between environment and work.

The three very strategically located production plants features facilities such as:

  • Ethoxylation of fatty acids, fatty alcohols, etc.
  • Propoxylation of fatty acids, fatty alcohols, etc.
  • Polymerization of monomers.
  • Homopolymerisation, Co-polymerization and Tertiary polymerization.

Two of which are particularly enabled with:

  • Dry Blending and Grinding of powder mixtures.
  • Wet Grinding, Formulation facilities with colloidal mill and Homogenizer

Kunal Organics is all set for any challenge or task deadline, with uncompromised quality output and unshaken dedication due to its well built infrastructural capability.

Quality Specifications

Synonymous to premium quality Kunal Organics enhances the superiority of grade and life of the material. Kunal’s assorted calibers place it in the prestigious and reputed “ Total Solutions Provider “ category. Kunal’s regarded specialty chemicals of prime classification standards are highly reliable and provide a boost to productivity leading to increased profitability.

The quality segment at Kunal Organics is fluent in rigorous and thorough one on one i.e. batch to batch superintendence to bring to the market only exquisite qualitative products, adhering to client application guidelines. Kunal Organics understand that the need for each clientele is different, one product does not cater to all. In effect , Kunal efficiently tailor – makes products to facilitate individual needs , only resonating and enforcing not only their high quality products but also their custom exclusive services.

Research & Development

Kunal organics is one of the key names when it comes to novel breakthroughs in the world of textile auxiliries.

Research and development activities have been is an important driver of organizational growth at Kunal; hence a substantial investment is made into this department for achieving effective results.

Through these relentless efforts, Kunal has been able to make some noteworthy breakthroughs in the sector of Cleanliness, High Tech Textiles Solutions and Chemicals. Some remarkable textile innovations by Kunal Organics such as Ice Touch, Oxyrich & Purista cater to industry sectors like healthcare and textiles.

In a never-ending surge towards refining and redefining the present, Kunal’s R & D activities are persistent. A testimony to this fact is the endless recognition and applauds they have received for outstanding performance.

Our Environment

Greening the specialty chemicals in the textiles realm is indeed one of the hardest nuts to crack for eco conscious brands. But Kunal Organics is condent of transforming the textile scene with its affable environment policies. Kunal Organics has long been sensitive to the environment & the concerns directly affecting their industry both domestically and globally. A conscious and wise approach from its very initial days whilst stepping into the market, Kunal has adhered to environmentally sustainable norms over and above the stated statutory laws.They thoroughly practice, continuously monitor effluents to ensure minimum negative impact to the environment. Subsequently, they’ve achieved notability in specialty chemicals markets of the textile industry with their premier and nature friendly products. With believers as contributors to the society and at large to the environment.